About the Program

The Zscaler Summit Partner Program is designed to scale and help you promote the Zscaler platform collaboratively and appropriately based on customers' needs. The program is centered around co-sell activities with our valued partners. Partner benefits increase with each program tier as requirements are met. Through the Summit Program, select partners gain access to dedicated resources, programs, and tools to help guide you and maximize your sales efforts.


Zscaler Partner Tools & resources

The partner portal includes all the business tools and marketing resources you need.


Deal Registration

Register a deal for net-new opportunities, view and register all eligible renewals, and view co-sell activities.

Sales Tools

View our Asset Library to find sales and enablement resources. Search, download & share relevant content.

Marketing Resources

Create co-branded collateral and build customized email campaigns to nurture sales opportunities.

Training & Support

Access our training and certification program designed to help partners ensure relevancy in the market.

"An increasingly distributed workforce, plus the prevalence of cloud and mobile-first strategies, are posing new challenges for security. We’re excited to accelerate our partnership with Zscaler and help our shared customers integrate a new model of security into their digital transformation efforts."

— Dan Adamany, CEO of AHEAD

Zscaler Summit Program Tiers

One of the primary benefits of the Zscaler Summit Program is to provide partners with the power to mazimize yields from their sales efforts. Zscaler provides partners with clear requirements and benefits, allowing them to choose how they wish to partner with us and profit from their efforts. Partners can belong to one of three tiers based on their level of collaboration with Zscaler.



Partners in the Zenith tier have made the greatest investment and commitment to promoting our platform. Zenith Partners have the capacity to address large-scale customer needs, maintain the highest levels of Zscaler certification and skill, and have proven levels of customer satisfaction.

Zenith Partners enjoy maximum benefit levels across all areas of the Zscaler Partner Program, including discounts, enablement, and strategic ties to the Zscaler business.


The Alpine tier is for partners that have made a significant investment in selling and delivering solutions based on Zscaler technology. Acceptance to the Alpine tier requires an annual revenue commitment as well as a significant investment in sales and technical resources dedicated to promoting Zscaler solutions.

Key benefits for Alpine Partners include improved deal registration discounts and dedicated Zscaler resources.


Partners in the Base Camp tier represent those companies that are just starting to make initial investments in selling Zscaler solutions. Partners are required to dedicate sales and technical resources to the Zscaler business. 

Key benefits for all Base Camp Partners include deal registration, access to technical training and sales tools, and access to the Zscaler Partner Portal. Base Camp partners will purchase through one of our value-added distributors.

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